On our path we have wishes, ideas about how we want to live and at the same time we feel that we potentially will never get it.

These are deep rooted belief systems we have adapted over time. We allowed blocked thought patterns from our parents, teachers, our community etc. to hold us back in moving toward ourselves and fulfilment. As children we are perfect, open and full of potential, by hearing „this you cannot do, that won t work, no one wants that….“ we stop being in that full potential, in that opens, we close down, integrate those negative belief systems and become imprisoned by them.

In order to let go of them we start to feel that we want to change, that we want to have a vision of a fulfilled life.

This is the first step, then we start looking at the belief systems closely, being 100% honest and true to ourselves. Letting go of hiding behind those believes may at first feel empty. These thoughts may have been part of us since a long time, once recognised and removed they leave us with a feeling of emptiness. As we move forward we need to look at them, analyze and then let go of them realising they are not ours and they are no longer true. Those thoughts may be around wealth, health or relationships, they may be old or new but they will stop us from being happy and content.

Once we recognise them we let go of them and open our energy up for new paths and new ways of life. By letting go of those thought patterns we let go of the resistance and our innate truth can come forward and start guiding us. Doors may open up for us, we may meet people at the right time in the right place to help us move forward in order to live the life we wish to have.

By letting go of resistance we start a flow that will bring fulfillment and joy into our lives.