We are sending out frequencies of energy which are attracting what we have and will receive in life. Think of a radiation from yourself, what do you radiate into the world?

Is it contentment, prosperity, joy or is it worry, fear of loss, anger about someone or something…

If the radiation is on the negative side, then the attraction and the outcome will be too, what it takes then is a shift of awareness in order to start manifesting the positive things wished to have in life.

It is not always about letting go of the negative, it is a transformation, a shift of thoughts in order to attract the positive.

We start by shifting our attention to what we really want and what is good for us, our Soul and our well being. We all have a purpose and if we start focusing on what we can do and what we are good in instead of what we cannot do and what we do not have we elevate our energy and start opening up opportunities for ourselves. Our attention will align with our purpose and we will start attracting what we keep thinking about. The more we focus on what is good for us the more we can attract it. With it we can become clam, centred, loving and live in prosperity and harmony.