We all have two different sides of ourselves within us, one is the fearful side, the other is the powerful side.

The fearful side is working with lower currents of energy and the powerful one is working with high currencies of energy.

The lower currencies being jeaulousy, anger, resentment etc. And the high currencies being love, humbleness, gratitute etc.

When we start recognizing those different currencies within ourselves, we can start working on choosing how to respond and no longer just react in each situation of our lives.

When one low energy as anger arises we can choose love and gratitute instead of it and change the current immediately to a higher one.

We can do that in each moment of our life and each day.

It takes discipline to observe oneselve and it takes discipline and practice to act differently, not to react in a pattern we ve always used to act upon.

We have a choice in every moment of our lives to either suffer or be uplifted.

We choose to be in low currents and have potential pains in the physical body or to be in high currents and heal and be complete.

Ideas are based on G. Zukav s book: “Seat of the Soul”