My outer life is a reflection of my inner thoughts“

As we think, so we become. And as we think, so our lives and circumstances become also. It is in lower consciousness that confusion reigns. Think positively in everything you do“.

All that befalls me is for my good. I welcome any hurts that I receive as opportunities to grow in understanding.“

When we forgive those who seek to hurt us, we rob them of their very power to do us harm“

I accept with cals impartiality whatever comes my way. Free in my heart, I am not conditioned by any outward circumstance“

How much energy we waste in trying to wish away the inevitable. The „if“ and if only s“ in life keep us from dealing realistically with what is. Acceptance of that one reality make everything else acceptable.“

By sensitivity to others realities, I keep myself in readiness to perceive the truth no matter what garb it wears“

Sensitivity to others is a way of self-expansion. One truly achieves freedom in her/himself when She/he can respect other s realities, because She/he is wholly at peace with her/his own.“

My favorite affirmations from J. Donald Walters (Kriyananda) in „Affirmations for Self-Healing“