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Meditation teacher training in Zürich City starting Sept. 2019 (more info)

    Kriya Yoga und Meditations weekend mit Robert Henderson aus Seattle 

    11.05.- 12.05.2019 in Baden (weitere Infos )


    Anmeldung in meiner Praxis in Zürich Seefeld:

    Mind and body system by irene elmer


    Den Energiefluss frei setzen um sich in einen gesunden Zustand zu bewegen. 


    Meditations Lehrer Ausbildung in Zürich City Start September 2019. Stille bringt Ruhe und Gelassenheit in den Alltag.


     Transformation der Gedankenmuster und Burn out Prävention.

    “Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstances. Happiness lies not in things, nor in outward attainments. It is the gold of our inner nature, buried beneath the mud of outward sense-cravings”.

    – J. Donald Walters



    On our path we have wishes, ideas about how we want to live and at the same time we feel that we potentially will never get it. These are deep rooted belief systems we have adapted over time. We allowed blocked thought patterns from our parents, teachers, our...

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    Kriya Yoga and Meditation Weekend Mai 2019

    Kriya Yoga Wochenende Mai 2019 mit Robert Henderson aus Seattle An diesem Kriya Yoga und Meditations Wochenende werden wir unseren Körper mit wenigen ausgesuchten Yoga Übungen entspannen, den Fokus nach innen richten und mit geführter Meditation unsere innere Ruhe...

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    How do I manifest what I want

    We are sending out frequencies of energy which are attracting what we have and will receive in life. Think of a radiation from yourself, what do you radiate into the world? Is it contentment, prosperity, joy or is it worry, fear of loss, anger about someone or...

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    i-Tunes Meditation von Irene Elmer 


    Meditations CD “Meditation by heaven” online bei iTunes in DE und in EN erhältlich. Für eine Hörprobe einfach einen der Songs in der Playlist anklicken.


    Anmeldung in meiner Praxis in Zürich: